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This page contains links and information about all the centers/resources you might need for this course specifically, and for your time at Baruch more generally.

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NYTimes Free Subscription

Free digital subscriptions to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are available to all Baruch students, faculty and staff.


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Writing Center 

This is the resource you will use the MOST FREQUENTLY!

Writers at all levels of experience get feedback on their writing. Asking for and receiving feedback is not a sign of weakness and it does not equal weak writing. You’ll give feedback to and get feedback from your fellow writers in your writing groups in this class throughout the semester and at all stages of your projects. I also encourage you to get feedback on your writing from professional writing consultants at the Writing Center.

The Writing Center offers free, one-on-one (online and in-person) writing support to all Baruch students. At any step in the process, they’ll help you become a more confident and versatile writer. You can go to them at the very beginning of an assignment with nothing but your assignment sheet, when you’re done with an assignment but want a pair of fresh eyes to look it over, or anywhere in between. I encourage you to schedule your appointment well in advance of when your writing is due.

You can schedule an appointment at the Baruch College Writing Center. YOU GET EXTRA CREDIT IN THE FORM OF A THIRD OF A LETTER GRADE (B- becomes B, B becomes B+ etc.) IF YOU GO TO THE WRITING CENTER AND I CAN SEE THAT YOU HAVE WORKED ON THE FEEDBACK IN A SUBSEQUENT DRAFT. To do this, fill in my Gmail in the form after the session so I get a copy of what you worked on (sharanyadutta1992@gmail.com). If I see that you have made the changes in your subsequent draft, you get the grade bump! Please try and do this for more than one assignment! Remember, you get the extra credit NOT for simply going to the writing center, but rather showing me proof of revision made after the visit.

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Library Research Consultation

Like the Writing Center, the library is a gem! I expect you to use it extensively, and as much as possible, instead of Google for all your academic writing needs. Librarians can help you narrow down your research question, find any text/resource you need for any paper, or evaluate your sources to see if they’re reliable, amongst other things.

You can schedule a one-on-one research consultation with the library.

For quick/basic questions, use the Ask a Librarian service.

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Mental Health Resources 

I take mental health very seriously in my class, and treat it as seriously as any physical health issues you might face. You do not owe me any explanation of your circumstances, but if you ever want to reach out, I’m just an email away. 

I would strongly urge you to talk to someone at the Counseling Center. These sessions are free and entirely confidential.

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