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Daily Response Guidelines

Twice a week (aka every day we have class), each of you will comment on one of the blog prompts for the day, that I will post on the website.

  • I will have multiple prompts each day. You only have to comment in response to one of them. You choose which one.
  • The comments should be about 150 words each + one quote you would like to discuss from the text/texts you have chosen.
  • Do not simply repeat/paraphrase what your classmates have already said.
  • Comment on the blog prompt BEFORE class begins, so that you have thoughts you might offer up to the class. 
  • In general, these comments must document your critical engagement with the texts and your peers’ ideas about the texts. While your opinion and personal connections to the themes may come up in your responses, please remember that they should not be a diary entry, a review, or an opinion piece (“I liked this” or “I didn’t like this”).

Discussion Lead 1

Lead a discussion

Blog Prompt 1

Prompts (answer any one with 150 words + a quote from the reading)

  • What do you think is the value of “Great Works” courses like this one? Try not to simply repeat what is said in the articles. You can, however, debate or argue or give your critical perspective on what is said in the articles.
  • From a preliminary look at the syllabus, which texts are you most excited to read? Why?


Hi all, welcome to ENG 2850 Fall 2022!

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